The evolution in chair mats has arrived!

Cheap plastic and overly expensive glass chair mats work poorly on carpet (just Google "how to stop chair mats from moving").

We designed our exclusive patent-pending rubber spiked chair mat to solve this problem once and for all!

This is truly a first-of-its-kind mat. You won't find a hard rubber mat like this anywhere else.

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Designed & Built For Carpet Floors

Our Patent-Pending Spikes

Never reposition a shifty mat again!

Our unique patent-pending rubber spikes distribute the load down between the carpet fibers, keeping the mat supported and firmly locked in place.

No other mat on the market will have spikes like this!

Superior Heavy-Duty Rubber Material

Our custom blended odorless synthetic rubber was developed to achieve maximum durability and ergonomic goals.

Our mat is heavy-duty, and will last a lifetime. You can be sure it will never move, crack, or fade.

The strength of the rubber allows for easy rolling on the surface. We've tested over 500lbs!

Spike Lock vs Plastic vs Glass

Spike Lock Mat

Plastic Mat

Glass Mat

Shields and Preserves Carpet

Rubber "Spike Lock" Technology

Grips on Carpet Surfaces

Robust & Lasting Durability

Disguises Scratches & Scuffs

Non-Slip Easy-Roll Surface

Barefoot Ergonomic Comfort

Typical Lifespan

10 Years
6 Months
5 Years

10-Year Cost


Smooth Matte Surface

Our custom-blended synthetic rubber was designed with utility and ergonomics in mind.

The mat is exceptionally comfortable on your feet eliminating fatigue when using your desk in a standing position.

With a black matte finish, your chair effortlessly glides across the surface.

Beveled Edges

Move your chair in and out of your workspace with ease.

The Spike Lock Chair Mat features a beveled edge, allowing you to easily reconfigure your workspace without frustration.

Go from sitting to standing in seconds!

The Reviews Are In!

  • ★★★★★

    "This chair mat is heavy-duty. It weighs a ton! I’m certain it will last forever. The smooth surface makes it easy to glide around, but the rubber material adds just a hint of friction so you’re not sliding around like glass mats."

    - Ava W

  • ★★★★★

    "I’ve finally found a chair mat that exceeds all my expectations! This one has extra large spikes, so I don’t have to adjust my mat constantly. It's made of a hard rubber that won’t crack like plastic chair mats and is not fragile like a glass mat. This simple yet elegant design blends perfectly with my home office setup."

    - Seth D

  • ★★★★

    "I love it! The mat is perfect for my carpeted home office. The smooth edge makes it easy to move my chair out of the way for cleaning. I bought a second one for my husband’s office!"

    - Victoria S

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the mat?

The mat is exactly 4ft by 3ft. You can rotate the mat and adjust it to fit your workspace. We plan to produce additional sizes in the future.

Do you have any other colors?

No, at this time, black is the only color. We'll have more color and surface texture options soon.

Can I use this on non-carpet floors?

No. Our mat is made for carpet only.

How do you clean the mat?

We recommend first sweeping or wiping using a paper towel. Mild household cleaners like 409 or multipurpose kitchen cleaners will work fine. We don't recommend using any products that contain bleach.

What is the maximum weight or weight limit?

We’ve tested a chair occupant up to 325lbs, with a 50lb chair, so 375lbs total spread on 5 wheels with high pile carpet and padding. Rolls with no issue. The spikes are sized and positioned to equally distribute the loads. For higher weight requirements, contact our support team at

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

We're so sure this chair mat will not only beat your expectations but exceed them.
We stand behind our mat with a full 30-day return policy!

Our US-based support team is ready to assist with any questions.
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