The Story Behind Spike Lock Chair Mats

At the peak of COVID in 2019 and 2020, many of us went through a significant shift in our work environment. We started clearing out extra bedrooms, selling off surplus furniture on FB Marketplace, and contemplating what a perfect work environment should look like. What should my background be? Should I invest in a standing desk? And don't get me started on chairs. I went through the hassle of returning two expensive chairs before finding the perfect one.

Once I found the ideal chair, I searched Amazon for an office chair mat to make rolling around on my carpet a bit easier. I've bought three chair mats in the last two years, and the plastic ones have all cracked. The other option is glass, but having cut my foot on glass as a child, sitting on a glass mat is not something I'm comfortable with. You know those times when you tell yourself, “there has to be a better option”. That was me.

So I came up with an idea to create an office desk chair mat made of rubber with large spikes to support the upper surface while locking the mat in the carpet fibers. I added a beveled edge to make it easier to roll the chair off and clean under your desk. Using CAD software on my iPad, I iterated on the design several times. After extensive research and development, I created Spike Lock Chair Mats!

Our 4ft x 3ft mat is now in the final stages of production, and we plan to begin deliveries in late Summer 2023. Pre-order your premium Spike Lock Chair Mat today for a durable and long-lasting chair mat.

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Travis Swientek
Designer & Proprietor
Spike Lock Solutions, LLC